Parents’ Weekend Getaway to the Mountains!

Hey Guys! It has been quite a while since I have blogged! We have been super busy with life and work! But I am back and have some great things to share with you this week, including great advice for parents who just need a weekend break!

Twice a year we take a weekend getaway with two of our close friends up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and stay in a town called North Conway, New Hampshire It is a great little town with small family owned shops, local brewery’s, small family owned coffee shops and so many trails for hiking of any terrain. It is nestled right in between the mountains, with two great family ski resorts and a beautiful old fashioned train (we have yet to ride since the hubby’s never want to..HA)! North Conway just has so much to offer year round and is perfect for all ages! We stay in the local Inn of North Conway since we own a condo with them and it has an indoor pool with a Jacuzzi and an outdoor Jacuzzi as well! So relaxing and just perfect after hiking all day!

The year I had Lilly in early spring of last year, we decided not to go since I had obviously just had a baby and it was too much to go away with breastfeeding, packing everything up that a baby needs, sleepless nights for the grandparents and so on! But the following fall (last year) we realized that we just needed to take a break and get away and understand that IT IS OK TO GET A LITTLE BREAK as a parent! For any parent, whether you are parenting together or a single parent, it is so healthy to take a day or two or maybe even three and just reset your brain with friends or even just yourself! This was the number one advice so many friends (parent or not) gave to me last year that was so hard for me to understand. Why the heck would I leave my baby for a night? TWO? That is just so crazy to me! So I let go of my fear and went on our yearly trip since I missed it so much and my goodness it was a BLAST and just refreshing!!!!! The best advice EVER given to me as a parent! IT IS OK to take a little time to reconnect with your spouse and have some social adult time! I totally understand that not everyone has family and friends around them and it may be very hard to trust people with your little ones, but if you can find that trust with family or close friends, please, please take it!

SO fast forward to this past weekend, and our yearly tradition to North Conway continues!!! I call it, my happy place! It is just pure beauty! The four of us parents (our friends also have two girls who are both in middle school) let loose in New Hampshire! We always hike, eat and drink at the local breweries and shop, shop and more shopping!!! We slept in a little, ate at restaurants without any disruptions and of course, went to bed early…HA!  So here are some AMAZING photos we took from our hike up South Moat Mountain! This hike was 2.7 miles one way and just pure clear skies all day! We were so lucky for this day!


To check out South Moat Mountain details, click on this link here. To check out any trails for hiking in New Hampshire, please use this website! Great detailed information for most up to date trails of New Hampshire!

As you can see, we were both so excited to reach the top and conquer this trail! Though it was a shorter hike then most of ones we have gone on, there was plenty of snow, ice and LOTS of wet leaves for us to navigate on this trail, making it very difficult at some parts of the trail! But we were happy mommas! Oh, and my amazing coat is listed here..! Arcteryx coats are specifically designed to block out wind and both my husband and I ski in them as well! Just wear an under layer such as a thick Patagonia (I am wearing underneath my Arcteryx) or a inner base to a winter coat!


OK my friends, so remember, taking a parents trip with your spouse or friends for a day or two is just overall so good for not only yourself, but your little ones too! The best advice ever given to me!

What is the best advice you were given as a new parent? and what trips have you taken without your kiddos?





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