Pumpkins, Seeds, and Ghosts Oh My!

Hey Guys! Happy Halloween Week! Eeekkk! Halloween is so much fun in so many ways! Dressing up in silly, scary, creative costumes is just so fun to me, along with CANDY of course!!! I just love carving pumpkins and seeing them lit at night! Its just a fun fall activity for the whole family to enjoy!

This Monday afternoon was another Art and Sensory class for my kiddos at school! I always LOVE to bring in a real pumpkin for them to explore as our sensory project and of course, bring a fun themed art project too! I pre-cut the top section of the pumpkin before bringing it into school and I brought along two large spoons from my house and made sure each kiddo had a turn scooping out the slime and seeds of the inside of the pumpkin! I have 10 students in my class, so giving them each 1-2 minutes was enough! Then I took control and cleaned out the rest! I did let them explore the seeds too! They just LOVED it! Lots of giggles and oohhhs and aahhhs over the slime and seeds! We also talked about the 5 senses of the slime and pumpkin seeds (except for taste of course)! Their responses were so cute…its “cold, slimy, gooey and the pumpkin STINKS”..HA!

In my class I always have a themed art project and I found this super cute spiral ghost online from OneCreativeMommy.com! So, so, cute and a great way to bring in their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! You just need wide construction paper, scissors and markers!

Step 1: Pick a corner of the paper and draw a big spiral head and then a smaller spiral tail to follow! I actually drew the spirals for each of them in with a pink marker pictured above because it was a little confusing to draw!

Step 2: Have them cut along the lines that either they draw or you draw for them!

Step 3: Once they are done cutting, have them color in their scary ghost face! Here is a reference I found helpful from the site online! Thanks again OneCreativeMommy.com! This idea was such a hit! I love when other momma’s share their ideas to help another momma out!!!ghost

And of course, we cant forget about Lilly girl exploring her first pumpkin this year! Though she was not in my Art and Sensory class today, we explored our pumpkin later in the week last week! She really was not into the slime! But she did touch it a bit, HA!


Have you explored any pumpkin carving with your kiddos this past weekend or month?! What are your favorite pumpkin carving ideas? Do you like a scary pumpkin or are you a traditional pumpkin face kind of family? I would love to know in the comments below!!!

Have a great week everyone and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!



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