BBQ Chicken Tacos!

Well hey guys! Happy Wednesday Evening! Its been a while since I have blogged, but we were a bit busy over the weekend with a cousin in town and just trying to enjoy some much needed family time!

So, tonight I was pretty excited that the hubby and I tagged teamed and made a super easy, healthy and delicious dinner that we both enjoyed! Lilly girl didn’t really like it…HA! Oh well, she loves to eat, but is not super into most vegetables and really is picky about her chicken. I guess this BBQ marinade was not her thing..LOL! Anyway, I wanted to hop on here and share this recipe since it is again, so easy to make!

BBQ Chicken Tacos


3 Small sized chicken breast (maybe a little under 1 pound or so)

1 Avocado

A block of Sharp cheddar cheese (or really a cheese of your choice)

2-4 Fresh tomatoes (We used about 2 mini ones)

1 Jar of your choice of a BBQ sauce

2-4 Corn tortillas (Really your choice, we just had corn left over from the weekend)


You can either marinate the chicken in the BBQ sauce in your crock pot for a few hours until they are tender for shredding or cook them stove top with the BBQ sauce until they are cooked through and tender for shredding.  We chose to cook them stove top due to timing. Once the chicken is cooked through with the marinade, either shred the chicken with your hands or slice the chicken up. Place 3 corn tortillas on a plate and place your shredded chicken in the middle of each one. Cut up your avocado into mini squares or chunks, along with the fresh tomatoes too! Shred a bunch of cheese on last and ENJOY!!!

We also had a vegetable mix in the freezer and cooked up some for a quick side! We still had some leftovers from tonight and I will most definitely take them into school tomorrow for lunch!

What are some of your favorite quick and easy meals to make for your family? Let me know what you guys think or if anyone decides to try these! Pork and fish could be yummy too!



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