Family Hike in the White Mountains!

Hey guys! I wanted to hop on here quickly and write a short blog about our last minute family hike to the White Mountains this past Saturday!

First of all, I absolutely love everything about NH and what the mountains have to offer! Not only breathtaking views, but exercise during all four New England seasons and so much family fun! The list really goes on!

I just needed to get away this weekend for a family hike and that we did! I picked Mt. Chocorua in Albany, NH. Mt. Chorocua, on clear days, offers hikers an amazing 360 view at the summit. Sadly this past Saturday was not a clear day at the summit for us, but we still got a nice workout in and enjoyed the great outdoors! Brendon and I have been on many hiking trips together and we pretty much try to pick a hike that is going to be fun, have great views along the way and overall just enjoy nature (wait, that is mostly what I want…HA).

When we started off with the hike, it was like a warm, summer day. We were basically in light long sleeve shirts, Brendon in short sleeves and Lilly girl in a cozy jacket (Brendon wore her in our carrier). The sun was shining, we were sweating our butts off from the steep elevation and basically hiking up some rocks, that it was almost like summer hiking.

Our Chicco hiking carrier!

We got to about 2 miles in (this trail was the Liberty trail to the summit and about 3.9 miles one way), and we both looked up ahead and noticed a thick fog rolling in over the summit. We noticed hikers walking back down wearing rain coats, gloves, mittens and hats! This was when we realized that mother nature had decided to change her weather pattern for the day! As we got about maybe a half hour out from the summit, we realized that it was just too cold and foggy (basically no view from what other hikers had said) to continue with both Lilly girl and Heidi.

Heidi girl rocked this hike by the way! She has gone on MANY hikes with us both and has had this hiking pack since she was a pup! It is the ABSOLUTE best little pack for her!!!! She got SO MANY compliments about her pack and how good she rocked it from other hikers!! It has actually helped us many times hiking some serious elevation back in her younger puppy days when we had to legit pull her up rocks! We actually had to do that again this trip too! Her pack is linked here!


If you want to go go for a long hike, or really any hike in general, you have to take into mind that packing for all different types of weather is extremely important! Though I am not an expert, Brendon and I thankfully know to wear multiple layers AND pack for bad weather, and that we did!!

Our must haves for ANY hike we take:

  1. Hiking pack
  2. Water (we carried a Camelpak water bladder that can hold up to 70 ounces of water)
  3. Rain coat, hat
  4. Snacks and PROTEIN bars, or PB &J sandwiches!!
  5. Mini First Aid kit
  6. Head Lamp
  7. Hiking boots or sneakers
  8. Layers, layer, layers!!

What are some of your favorite hikes and where are they located?

OK guys, it is late and I need to head to bed! But like I said, I wanted to hop on and quickly give you a little detail about our Saturday hike!





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