Art and Sensory Fun for school and at HOME!

Hey Guys! Blog number two!! WOO HOO!!

As I told you guys before, I am not only a momma, but I am an Elementary School teacher as well! In fact, I have been teaching at the same school my husband attended when he was in Elementary school for my 6th year now! Don’t forget to visit my “About Sarah” section on my site if you want a little more background on me!

I have always enjoyed teaching at the younger level and fun fact…I actually taught preschool for about 6 years prior to teaching at my current school! So adding some Art and Sensory to my students’ education is super important to me. My school offers students at every grade level, Before and After School programs. I created and implement an after school club for the Kindergarten through Second grade levels. It is called Art and Sensory! I have my students create one or two art projects and have at least one sensory (play dough or shaving cream to explore). I feel as though many kiddos go home after school and don’t get to explore these different tools with art because families are so busy! Now that I am a mom myself, I totally get it! We are super busy rushing around after school trying to do other family things, that taking out paint is often too messy, and shaving cream… why would you even play with that at home? HA! I always ask my students about shaving cream and their faces light up when I tell them we get to play with it!! Or maybe just markers and play dough is fine right?!

So let me get to my point, I love love to come up with fun, simple, creative and sometimes messy art projects with my students! Lilly is too young right now I feel, for paint (she is still putting some things in her mouth), but I did let her explore my home made play dough tonight! She loved it!!

Today was our first after school Art and Sensory class for the 2018-2019 school year and the kiddos had a BLAST!!! We did apple prints, made a collage using recycled gift bags and they explored my home made play dough!

OK, simple fun activities that can be done in the CLASSROOM or even at HOME….

  1. Get some apples from the store or a farm (we picked these a couple weeks back) and simply cut them in half and dip them in paint and away they go! The kiddos LOVED this and yes, they got messy!!! The paint is actually Crayola Finger paint and super easy to wash out!!! I will link it here

2. Do you ever realize that when you receive gift bags for your birthday or any special events like baby showers, bridal showers, etc you usually just throw them away or put them in the closet?! I literally have kept SO MANY fun bags from Lilly’s baby shower almost 18 months ago that I needed a reason to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle them! Have the kiddos cut them up into pieces of any sizes and make a fun picture or collage out of them! Just get some glue and scissors and let their minds run! Look how cool these came out!! So easy and simple!!

3. Our last project and my absolute favorite is HOME MADE play dough!!! I have had this recipe for so long and it is literally the easiest recipe to make at home! It literally took me maybe 3 minutes on the stove to make! It is super inexpensive too!! I have had parents ask me for this recipe many times when I taught preschool!! So, here you go!!! Enjoy!!

Home made Play doh!

Combine thoroughly

1 cup of flour

1/4 cup of salt

2 teaspoons Cream of Tarter

Add and mix thoroughly (wire whisk)

1 cup of water

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Cook over medium heat in a saucepan or pot, stirring until it forms a ball.

Cool and add food coloring! (I like to move the HOT dough around while adding in the food coloring!! It seems to help spread the color around the dough).

Lilly loved exploring momma’s home made play dough before bed tonight! Side note, these green Dough Stampers are great for little hands too and learning their alphabet!! Lilly I think was more into them then the dough at some points, HA! They are linked here!!!

Well guys, it is getting late and this momma needs to head to bed!!! I hope you guys enjoyed these 3 fun, simple and very inexpensive art activities for your little’s!!! Please try these at home and any of my fellow teacher friends, let me know if you try these in your classroom! Let me know what you think in the comments below!!!



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