Weekend Exploring with my family!

Well here goes nothing, my first EVER blog post!!!

First of all, I am going to be upfront with you guys, and very REAL…blogging has been an idea that I have been wanting to get myself into for quite sometime, but I basically have had to teach myself how to build and design a website! Crazy, I know! I am still trying to figure out the kinks to this and how everything works, but for now, I can’t wait to share fun things with you guys on my site! I am open to ALL suggestions to anyone who knows how to build a website, blog daily and weekly and how to improve!!

Now on to my post…my FIRST post..EEKK!!!

Sometimes I find it is tough to get your family outside and enjoy the beauty of mother nature when you live busy lives,  but this weekend I just needed to get out yesterday and enjoy the fresh air since Lilly and I both had major head colds this past week! Yesterday we took the pup and baby for a short walk to a local quarry in town, one of my absolute favorite places in town to walk actually. It is peaceful, and just absolutely gorgeous on a clear day! There is a main path that circles around the quarry and sometimes along the way, you can spot some really cool flowers that mother nature has grown and just take in the beauty of “how grateful it is to live near this awesome place”!

We also try our best to get the pup, Heidi girl, as we call her, out on the weekends as much as possible! She needs the exercise since she is cooped up inside a lot during the work week. She is a lab that just loves to run around and play with Lilly girl! One of her favorite things in the outdoors is to catch sticks that we throw to her, that she will just tear apart!! HA! She is the BEST big sister to Lilly and is always making sure to watch out for her, especially if we run into locals along the way with their dogs too! She likes to show off her baby 🙂


Though its hard to tell in this picture, I am actually wearing Lilly on my back! I LOVE LOVE baby wearing when we go to places that will require a lot of walking for her. Little ones get tired easily and especially on hikes or longer walks, and they need to be comfy! I will link my carrier here!! (or try to anyway). https://infantino.com/search?type=product&q=infantino+4+in+1+convertible+baby+carrier



It is also so crazy that it is the end of September here in New England and we were able to walk outside with no jackets!!! The weather was just absolutely gorgeous this weekend! What are some of your weekend activities to do outdoors? Please comment below 🙂 I am always looking for new places!!

To close out this post, I am going to leave you all, with my TOP 3 things that I try to do when I am outdoors.

  1. Take a walk or run somewhere local.
  2. Find a quiet or less congested/popular place (trail in the woods that you are familiar with).
  3. Wear comfortable clothing (sneakers, hiking/running gear or loose clothing, light sweatshirt if needed).

I hope you all have a great remainder of the weekend, and get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather! Oh, GO PATS!!!





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